Furnace Inspection/Tune Up

Keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently with a 27 Point Furnace Tune-Up: $89.99 plus HST

  1. Clean burners
  2. Check and clean pilot assembly
  3. Check flame rod reading
  4. Check and adjust gas pressure (firing rate)
  5. Check and adjust for proper temperature rise/system air flow
  6. Check furnace filter
  7. Check and clean blower motor
  8. Check inducer fan AMP draw and operation
  9. Inspect heat exchanger for cracks or corrosion
  10. Check thermostat operation and calibration
  11. Lubricate blower motor or pump where necessary
  12. Clean and adjust burner assembly
  13. Check fan control
  14. Check for flue and venting system for obstructions
  15. Clean fresh air intake screen
  16. Check for proper burner operation
  17. Check for proper ignition upon a heat call
  18. Check all safety controls (high limit/pressure switch etc.)
  19. Check for carbon monoxide levels
  20. Inspect electrical connections
  21. Locate and identify system switch and/or breaker
  22. Check and clean secondary heat exchanger
  23. Camera inspection
  24. Check ignitor resistance
  25. Check humidifier for proper operation
  26. Check and clean condensate pump and lines
  27. Inspect gas piping and ensure it is up to code


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