AC Inspection/Tune-Up

Keep your Air Conditioner running smoothly and efficiently with a 21 Point AC Tune-Up: $89.99 plus HST

  1. Check and clean coil on outdoor unit
  2. Check and clean outdoor fan blades
  3. Check and fasten electrical connections on the outdoor unit
  4. Check AMP draw on outdoor fan motor
  5. Check AMP draw on compressor
  6. Check high-side compressor pressure
  7. Check low-side compressor pressure
  8. Lubricate outdoor fan motor
  9. Check subcooling/superheat for proper refrigerant charge
  10. Tighten service caps to prevent refrigerant leaks
  11. Clean debris from outdoor unit
  12. Level outdoor condenser unit
  13. Clean blower motor on indoor unit
  14. Lubricate blower motor on indoor unit
  15. Check filter condition on indoor unit
  16. Check for proper temperature drop across indoor coil
  17. Check for tight electrical connections on indoor unit
  18. Check for proper Thermostat operation and calibration
  19. Inspect and clean condensate drain line
  20. Check for proper drain line pitch
  21. Check for balanced air flow

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